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The short version of me:

Hi - I'm Cheryl Brown and I've been designing web sites since 1996. It started out on a dare by a friend who owned our local Internet Service Provider, but I loved it and have kept at it professionally ever since.

I have just closed my computer shops and am enjoying a well deserved semi-retirement, and now I just want to help as many people as possible get an internet presence.

Now that I'm semi-retired I am free to do all manner of artistic things to earn my living -- or indeed to give them away free

Who are we & why choose us?

Because we really care about our reputation and the quality of our work.  We live in a small community in Northern NSW Australia, where “word of mouth” can still make or break a business - and that means we want to inspire both you and your customers ..  We want to create something that makes you happy and that we can be proud of. 

Our philosophy:

Today's web surfers are limited by how long it takes to retrieve information from the Internet (bandwidth). Given this fact Art-effect designs web pages that allow the viewer to retrieve them as quickly as possible, whilst delivering maximum impact. This is achieved by special techniques for the graphics, tight programming, and giving the internet surfer the option to download items that take longer.

We'll advise you on ways to increase your Web site traffic as well as help you design your Web site to maximize its effectiveness. We won't "oversell" you on something you don't want or need. But from our broad experience we'll help you determine what is right for your company and your emerging Web marketing strategy.

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